We owe a debt of gratitude to Chris Lennon who took the tabs we had posted of It's Not '74 Anymore and The Charles Atlas Way and ascribed proper chord names to the configurations that we had designated only with symbols. He has also graciously provided a version of The Charles Atlas Way adapted to standard tuning.

Going for my bluebelt

tune your bottom E down to a D


Ocean hearted

Impress your loved ones when you learn how to play this immensely difficult song off Lazy Highways. Doctor wrote this after the birth of his first son Harper. He is one of the most sensitive musicians to have ever picked up a guitar in this country. Because the guitar is in an alternate tuning we don't know what the official names for the chords are. That's why we've just used symbols.


Dogs are the best people

This is a remedial level song to play but the tab might be a bit confusing. Just take note of the chord positions and listen to the record - it will all become very clear. Although the tuning is CGDFAA# you actually only need 2 strings. All a bit embarrassing really.


Marijuana is god's currency

We've made up fictitious chord names for this song in lieu of knowing the real ones. It took a deal of head scratching to try and remember how to play this rather obscure track and it's possible that the version we have produced is still not 100% corrrect. Don't worry about it! There's too much emphasis on perfection in our culture. Near enough is more than good enough.


Medium Pacer

When doctor played this over the phone for the purpose of grnerating this tab, he only fucked it up once.


Good times coming

Get out your capo an affix it firmly to the 4th fret. This tab, however, has been written as though there were no capo. You do the math.


Self Abuser

If a song doesn't require more than 2 fingers to play then you don't need to be a guitarist to play it. It's like bass - if you can't use your fingers then you're not a bass player. Self Abuser only requires 2 fingers in the playing and can be played using a pick on the bass. It's hardly even a real song at all.


Wear the label on the outside

This is on Lazy Highways and was a last minute addition to the record along with extra virgin. Keep your guitar tuned to standard and watch me for the changes.


Ticket to the bigtime

This is the first Doctor song we have posted on this page. Be prepared for it to contain mistakes as Doctor himself is not responsible for the tab. I (coxy) did it and, seeing as I fucked up the lyrics for this song in the Footage Missing booklet, I'm bound to have made more mistakes here. I don't know half the names for the chords so I've just used my stupid symbol convention for the unknowns in lieu of someone being good enough to write and tidy it up. You need a capo on the 2nd fret. The chords are written as though there is no capo, however. So as not to completely confuse the issue I have written the parts of the song that feature individual notes as though there was no capo also. Does any of that make sense? I'm not sure it does.


First day on the run

This song is played with a capo on the fifth fret but we've written the chords as though the capo wasn't there. Remember this unless you have a deep voice. The chords, however, have been named correctly i.e to reflect the position of the capo. Fuck my explanations are confusing!


The Charles Atlas way

Let's face it; most of our songs are easy to play. They are not always, however, quite so easy to work out owing to the fact that many of them - especially the older ones - are played on guitars set to non-standard tunings. Thus it is with The Charles Atlas Way, a popular song whose tab we have fielded several requests for in the past. You need your guitar tuned CFCFCC. The bottom C is below a standard E and will flap around like washing on a clothes line. Now you know why so many of our live gigs have sounded out of tune over the years. After tuning the C simply tune the next string to the F above that C and then proceed in octaves. The last 2 C's are tuned in unison.


It's not '74 anymore

This song was a b-side on the Surf City limits single. It had its genesis as a song that Coxy wrote for Matt Strong from Custard who liked to play a character called Needles, a crusty old roadie fallen on hard times who nonetheless still had a warm heart. It has featured very occasionally in Fauves live sets, perhaps most notably at the Newtown RSL in Sydney some 3 or so years back when Coxy played a fumbling, hesitant version in the encore while the rest of the band, stupefied with drink, debated backstage about whether or not to go back on.

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Yo Yo Craze

This song is a bit like The Charles Atlas Way and in fact most of it was written before that song but it never had a middle bit. It finally got one and we put it on Footage Missing. If this song ever becomes a multi million selling smash let it be noted here that Terry has hated it from the get go.

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Understanding Kyuss

Tune your guitar to C G D F A A#. The C is below a standard E, the G below a standard A, the D is the same as standard, F is below G, A below B and A# below E. This song works better played with your fingers although we always get too scared to do that live and just use a pick. It's quite easy to disregard the A and A# strings as they are an irrelevance in this song.

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Campfire King Of Course

This song from Lazy Highways was meant to be the Australian version of American Pie but it's about 8 minutes shorter. Strangely, however, there has been little evedence to date of it being performed by acoustic duos in wine bars.

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