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Over the course of our career we've been through more singles than Julio Iglesias at a dating agency. Sixteen singles on compact disc is the current tally, each with its accompanying retinue of B-Sides. Whilst the sceptical may be wondering what possible motive would convince anyone to want to hear B-Sides when they didn't like the A-Side, it is important to remember that quality control is a subjective thing. Thus, in the process of narrowing a list of recorded songs down to album length, there is nothing to say that there won't be instances where we have got it wrong and assigned perfectly good tracks with that dreaded pejorative: B-Side.

In posting a different song every month or so, we are offering an airing to songs that appeared on singles which have long since been deleted from record companies stockpiles. Unless you already own these records there remains no other way of hearing our lost treasures. Download them to your computer and, when you have a big enough collection, burn yourself the Fauves B-Sides And Rarities album that will never be released.

Suitcase of Carter Browns

Taken from
Self Abuser single
Suitcase of Carter Browns appeared on the single Self Abuser now, like most of our back catalogue, impossible to buy except at inflated prices on auction sites. It was misprinted as Suitcase of Carter Brown on the CD sleeve, hardly the kind of proofreading error to usher in a new generation of word processing programs, but annoying nonetheless. Carter Brown wrote trashy, sex-fuelled detective novels in the 60’s. My Dad had a huge box full of them in his wardrobe when I was growing up. It seemed somehow racy and forbidden at the time. Occasionally the box would spill over and I would catch a glimpse of the buxom vixens depicted on the covers, each of whom inevitably fell for Danny Boyd, “New York’s toughest private eye”. Appropriately retro-styled interior designers would no doubt consider a bookshelf full of these dated curios a stylistic asset in any well-appointed, inner city converted warehouse apartment..

Suitcase of Carter Browns  by The Fauves ©2003

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