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Bangkok Thailand I'M NOT EATING THAT SHIT, JUST POSING IN FRONT OF IT Dork Bikers Lizard king
Jack new years eve New years eve Ted recording studio Coxy bushwalking End of mixing
Chick Magnet Love the Sax Cox & Doug in Rosebud Young Doug 'Cock-head' & Doctor
The Doctor's kids Weekend at Bernie's Ted & Doug exhume Bernie The band at thr HIFI Coxy & Terry
The Band 2002 Coxy Coxy & The Doctor 1993 The Doctor Doug
Doug & Terry Doug & Terry again Mossy Coxy & The doctor Take 40 Terry
A bad sketch of the band Another triumph at The Anandale The Early years in coxy's shed Coxy and Terry all beat-up The Dorks
The oldest extant photo of the band 1988 Coxy replacing all of Doug's drum parts Doctor - The trumpet years Coxy & Doug - The hairy years Catch him while he's still alive